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And you’re here. There’s a fire in your belly.I love that. I feel it too. I want to help you burn even brighter, beautiful.

But first, let me introduce myself properly. I’m Abubakar Shehu.
I am a CyberSecurity Engineer, Bug Hunter, Full Stack Developer, and a Part Time Blogger working at the intersection of security, technology, and people.  CEO at SUUMAB Enterprise, CybserSecurity Engineer at KAD ICT Hub.  I guide passion-fuelled people out of fear and uncertainty, and into lives, blogs and businesses they love (and truly desire).

Thank you!

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GitHub Faces Class-Action Lawsuit

GitHub Faces Class-Action Lawsuit

Following the aftermath of Capital One breach happened earlier this week, the firms involved in the incident, in one or the other way, are in trouble. Reportedly, a private law firm...
Capital One

Capital One Data Breach Affected Millions Of US And Canada Citizens

As revealed in the security notice, the perpetrator hacked into the firm’s system and pilfered user records. The Capital One data breach affected 100 million US and 6 million Canadian...
Get Clients and Access Points

Airopy – Get Clients and Access Points with Alfa Cards

Get clients and access points. With Alfa cards, this script works correctly. Dependencies To run this script first install requirements as follows:
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CyberSecurity Engineer | Bug Hunter | Full Stack Developer | Part Time Blogger